Lori Abrams Berry

Board Member and Treasurer

CEO, Lynn Community Health Center

Lori Abrams Berry has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Lynn Community Health Center since 1996. Under her leadership, the health center has had significant growth and added many new services, including an innovative initiative to fully integrate primary care and behavioral health, a large building expansion on Union Street, an Urgent Care Clinic, Radiology and Mammography, Dental and Eye Clinics, a comprehensive Pharmacy program, School Based Health Centers, community outreach and chronic disease case management programs, and two clinic sites in Market Square. The Lynn Community Health Center now cares for over 39,000 patients – more than 40% of Lynn adults and children.

Lori has held leadership positions in the public health arena for over 40 years, and holds Master's Degrees in Public Health from Harvard University and in Social Work from the University of Maryland, as well as an honorary doctoral degree from Salem State University. She received the 2008 Founder’s Award from the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, which is presented annually for outstanding service to the community health center movement and to honor leaders who continue to protect and promote health care access as a right for all rather than a privilege for some. She was the recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Collaborator Award from the Massachusetts Coalition of School-Based Health Centers and the 2011 Lydia E. Pinkham Award for Businesswomen of the Year.