Jay Breines

Board Member

CEO, Holyoke Health

Jay Breines has been the CEO of the Holyoke Health since 1994.  Mr. Breines has a graduate degree in health planning from Hunter College in New York City and has been in the field of community health since 1972.  In Vermont, Mr. Breines created the first-in-the- nation program for a state-wide dental care program for low-income children in 1973.  He has administered, initiated and/or developed eight (8) Community Health Centers in Vermont and Massachusetts.  Jay is a founding board member of the Holyoke Community Charter School, which opened its doors in 2005 serving over 700 low-income, mostly Latino children in Holyoke, and the Treasurer of the Latino Scholarship Association.

Working in the poorest city in Massachusetts, Mr. Breines has overseen the expansion of the Holyoke Health Center into the largest, comprehensive primary health care center in Western Massachusetts serving 20,000 low-income and medically under-served patients. HHC’s excellence in clinical care has been recognized by JCAHO accreditation, various federal site visits and accreditation by the American Dental Association’s residency certification process.  HHC continues to use data-driven, need-based programming on behalf of patients to create expanded opportunities for care and new reimbursement mechanisms.