Marisela Fermin-Schon


Medical Director

Hilltown Community Health Center

Marisela serves as the Medical Director of Hilltown Community Health Center (HCHC), an organization of four clinics serving a largely rural, low-income patient population. She joined the organization as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2014, and was appointed to the Director position in March of 2021.

At HCHC, Marisela is working to improve Asthma and COPD management by creating systems to improve medication adherence, support smoking cessation efforts, and decrease the number of annual exacerbations — all crucial elements needed to close the health literacy and outcomes divide that exists for her low-income patients.

Prior medical experience came as a Research Nurse for Boston’s Breathe Easy Program, an initiative that evaluated how asthma–focused home visits and inspections could improve childhood asthma outcomes within Boston’s poorest neighborhoods. Her research culminated in an honors praxis at Yale entitled “Health Literacy and Asthma Outcomes,” outlining how low health literacy stands as one the biggest barriers to improved health outcomes for low-income populations.

Prior to practicing family medicine, Marisela worked as an Analyst for Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc., where she led research on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics, across a portfolio of global companies.  She developed expertise on the health effects of, and remediation efforts for, water contamination and air pollution in industrialized nations, particularly lead and asbestos exposure in factory workers.  She worked to conceptualize and develop a set of standardized benchmarks to evaluate a company’s exposure to, and management of, health and safety metrics.

Marisela completed a Bachelor of Arts from Bates College, and later became a Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner, graduating with honors from Yale School of Nursing.